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Gen Z says feminists have ‘gone too far’ for men to succeed: data – “Half of young men believe feminism “has gone too far and makes it harder for men to succeed,” according to “Young People in the Time of COVID-19,” a new study by Hope Not Hate, a UK-based advocacy group that campaigns against extremism. “[Feminist] policies are well-intentioned, but can be abused and taken too far,” said Jack Joseph, a 26-year-old from central New Jersey who says he was wrongfully accused of sexual harassment, causing him to get fired from his job at a call center in May.“Allegation is the new guilty”… it wasn’t just men who agreed with the sentiment.Overall, more young people agreed (36 percent) than disagreed (35 percent) that feminism had gone too far, including 23 percent of women surveyed. “It used to be that women were more discriminated against,” Ajay, 30, who works in public relations and lives in New Jersey, told The Post.“These days, it’s more the other way around,” he said, pointing to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s decision to choose a woman as his running mate.Ajay, who declined to give his last name, was also concerned about relating to the opposite sex in the post-#MeToo era.“[Harmless] things can be construed in the wrong way,” he said. “Interest in someone can be construed as harassment. It’s gone too far in the other direction.“It’s probably the hardest it’s ever been to be a guy right now.”… According to data from last year’s General Social Survey: Researchers surveyed 2,348 adults and found that 28 percent of men under 30 had gone a year or more without sex. That’s nearly triple the amount of dudes who reported yearlong dry spells back in 2008, and was linked to growing economic instability." How blind auditions help orchestras to eliminate gender bias (2013) To Make Orchestras More Diverse, End Blind Auditions – The New York Times (2020) It seems the aim was never to improve performance or seek artistic excellence There was a time when discrimination was considered bad. No longer Explicating Politicians’ Arguments for Sex Quotas in Sweden: Increasing Power and Influence Rather Than Increasing Quality and Productivity – "thematic analysis is applied to statements that argue for legislated sex quotas in Sweden, issued by leading politicians and government officials. The most common, recurrent themes are that: (a) Women are at least as able as men; (b) less able men are currently selected over more able women; (c) the proportion of women should be increased to at least 40%, which (d) will increase organizations’ quality and productivity; (e) this should be achieved by means of quotas but (f) not through improved meritocratic assessment. It is shown that these claims are inconsistent, as (1) improved meritocratic assessment was not proposed, although that would more effectively select the more able than would quotas, and (2) quotas will lead to lower rather than higher quality and productivity, as it demands that the less able be appointed if they are female. This suggests that the purpose of quotas is to increase the influence of the favored group even if it is currently less able." Satish Verma – "Every feminist whom you meet will always claim that feminists stand for the rights of victims of sexual abuses and proceed with the premise that the victim is speaking the truth. In their notion of justice, accused is guilty because men are evil. What happens though when a man is a victim of sexual assault by a woman? Are the same standards followed or a different precedent applies? This incident happened in September 2017 in New York University. Avital Ronell is a feminist ideologue who has experience in every form of BS you can think of – Continental philosophy, deconstructionism of Derrida, feminism, Post-structuralism, stupidity, rumor and what not. She is a celebrated feminist professor in New York university. In September 2017, one of her students accused her of harassing him sexually. Feminists who have made the lives of many innocent men like hell by their support for Title IX believed that since a feminist professor has been accused for sexual crime, a different system of justice should prevail. No more nonsense of believing the victim… The university found her guilty of the charges in the investigation in May 2018. Punishment? Suspension of merely a year from the campus. But that’s not the end of the story. A letter was subsequently leaked in the very some month in which prominent Feminist and Leftist ideologues such as Judith Butler, Gayatri Chakravarti, Slavoj Zizek had appealed to university administration to exonerate her of all the charges because she had made significant contribution to the academia. Zizek went one step ahead and declared that she acted out of eccentricity which can’t be considered sexual harassment. They even accused the guy of being malicious in his intent. Imagine the gravity of the crime by reversing the gender… a feminist can never commit a sexual crime especially when she is a professor too… Feminists have no regard for justice, equality, law or anything for that matter. They function exactly like Communists in which the interest of their tribe trumps everything. A professor who committed sexual crime is now back to NYU again for teaching. That’s the feminist idea of justice which applies to them." Phenomenalact – Posts – "WHY DO SO MANY SIMP PREACHINGS SOUND LIKE CONFESSIONS? "Us men need to address our own rape-supportive attitudes and behaviors." "Why do we abuse our women?“ "As a man, I commit to making sure I never hurt another woman. "I need feminism because I contribute to rape culture without knowing it." "It is ‘all men’, to varying degrees: men’s violence against women is a systemic crisis" "I apologize on behalf of men who have taken advantage of women." "Hello, police?"" Ahh… male feminists! The Woman Who Smashed Codes: The Untold Story of Cryptography Pioneer Elizebeth Friedman" Comment: "They keep acting like women’s stories are untold, when they’re basically the only stories that are told nowadays. Apart from Alan Turing, can the people claiming this name any other men working on code breaking at the time? Or even programming? There were lots of men working with computers during the Apollo project, can they name any, or is it just forgotten women they can name?" The Men’s Rights Initiative – "Patriarchy theory is the fundamental theory in academic feminism. No one can rightfully be defined as a feminist and not believe that a patriarchy exists and that this patriarchy creates a regime of institutionalized male control over all women.You may find something that resembles a patriarchy in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and a few other places but even in those societies the most oppressed humans are the thousands of male foreign workers brought into those nations to work under conditions of economic peonage.But because feminists believe the patriarchy controls women, the logical consequence is that females are an oppressed class. If this sounds familiar, it should, as feminism stole this concept from Marxism and many of the original and leading feminist scholars like Betty Friedan were communists. Patriarchy theory is not accurate world view. In the history of the world no class of oppressed humans has ever been better educated than the oppressor class. No class of oppressed has ever had more money spent and spent more money than the oppressor class. No oppressed class has ever worked less than its oppressor. No class of oppressed has ever lead healthy and longer lives than the oppressed. No class of oppressed people ever cast more votes in elections, had more votes counted and was able to select the leadership of a nation.The theory is easily proven both false in the West where women hold all the same legal rights as males. In the west women have both economic and political power: – For example: Christine Lagarde is the head of the International Monetary fund. The former chair of the United States Federal Reserve is Janet Yellen. Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany heads up the largest economy in Europe. Denmark, Malta, Croatia, Liberia, Switzerland, Bahamas Bangladesh, Kosovo, Norway, Chili, Poland, the Bahamas, Nepal, Taiwan, Austria, Estonia, Argentina, and South Korea all have female heads of state – and Queen Elizabeth II the head of state for 54 commonwealth nations,. In the USA there are female Supreme court judges, Senators, Representatives and cabinet members. The head of the CIA is a woman. The CEO of General Motors, IBM, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and many other fortune 500 companies are female. There was no invisible patriarchy that prevented these women from obtaining these positions.A more accurate world view is elite theory. This theory holds that a small minority, consisting of members of the economic and political elite hold the most power in society. There are have and have-nots in every society in the world. But when measuring the people at the very bottom of the economic scale, the homeless, the destitute, the sick, or those trapped in economic peonage, i.e,-the most oppressed, the majority are males.The true purpose of Women’s studies classes is political indoctrination. The program is designed to teach women that they are victims held under and held down by a mighty patriarchy. Anything negative that occurs to them and all problems in their lives are the fault of men; pregnancy, the clothes they wear, bras, makeup, the jobs they choose, even their own obesity are all the fault of men .Feminists then use this methodology to gain special services and privileges in society based on the status of being victims" Teach "Don’t Steal", not "Lock your doors" – Posts – "The rapist is always to blame for rape. Unless he just listened to/watched/played a joke/song/movie/game I don’t like. Then that joke/song/movie/game is to blame." Gender study finds 90% of people are biased against women – "According to the report, about half of the world’s men and women feel that men make better political leaders.In China, 55% of people thought men were better suited to be political leaders.Around 39% of people in the US, which is yet to have a female president, thought men made better leaders." The classic feminist trick of conflating moral and empirical questions. Presumably if you think men are physically stronger than women you have a bias against women too Many feminists talk about how women are better leaders than men – but good luck calling them biased against men for that Women’s Day ≠ Feminism Day – "It’s not a universally acknowledged truth, but the words “feminist” and “woman” are not synonyms. So how is it that every year, international women’s day becomes international feminism day? Year after year studies show most people, men and women, do not identify as feminist… Like most people in the West, I believed in equality of opportunity for men and women – that people ought not be denied any role or vocation if they were talented and passionate enough to contribute. I still believe this. But this is not feminism. It is egalitarianism and feminism has a nasty habit of hiding under its skirts. When questioned about what feminism actually is, feminists are apt to equivocate. The common fall back position is to say that feminism has many schools of thought and cannot be tied down to any one position, ignoring the fact that there are libraries stuffed full of feminist literature which do just that. Looking at that vast literature it’s very easy to find the one thing that all creeds of feminisms agree on, even when they agree on little else and that is patriarchy. Intersectional and radical feminists may be currently engaged in a war of attrition for dominance of the feminist brand, but all hold the belief that the primary goal of feminism is not actually to enable women to choose their own path to self actualisation but is to liberate women from the oppressive shackles of this thing called “patriarchy”, whether they like it or not.So, what is it? Basically, it’s anything that might possibly hold you back and can be attributable to men, which is everything and anything. Once you grasp this little nugget of circular reasoning, the world is your protandric, transsexual oyster." What’s there to celebrate on International Women’s Day when gender biases persist"Why live if you will eventually die" Mark Hughes – "To honor International Women’s Day, rather than emotionally burden women by ASKING for nudes, I’m going to GIFT them with dick pics." Nissan USA disable comments on Brie Larson commercial after it bombs – "The All-New Nissan Sentra commercial starring superhero feminist Brie Larson is on track to becoming the most disliked YouTube video on the platform. Nissan respond by disabling the comments… The message, at a glace, doesn’t seem as divisive as most people are letting it up to be. But, then she starts talking about how she felt bothered by being interviewed by a male for her first job… People are comparing the Nissan USA to Gillette who had a similar moment last year. Gillette stocks plummeted by USD$8b after they released a commercial about ‘toxic masculinity’ that pretty much criticised it target demographic" Is it ever acceptable for a feminist to hire a cleaner? – "fashionable householders’ preference for less-effective eco and homemade cleaning products doubles cleaners’ labour. And I learned that the second-wave feminist rhetoric that positions housework as nasty and tedious “shitwork” also, quite naturally, alienates the workers who take pride in competently performing necessary work. I ask: is it morally and economically reprehensible to contract out our domestic labour? And if this act is dubious from the point of view of many or most feminists, can we correct for this ethical quandary by contracting, say, a male cleaner, or paying our cleaner the hourly rate we earn?… For two months, I tried the fair pay option, contracting Jurate, a non-agency cleaner, and paying her, to her delight, £40 for a two-hour session. In the end, I couldn’t square this approach with my new knowledge about the relationship between paying a woman to clean my home and the structural devaluation of women’s work. The clincher, in the end, was my three-year-old son, who quizzically followed Jurate around the house as she squeezed her mop and brandished her ever-present Viakal. I did not want him to see the labour of some women as less worthwhile than the labour and leisure of other women and men. Middle-class women’s emancipation from housework has come at the cost of reinscribing poor women’s ties to it." Apparently it is feminist to deny (poor) women employment as cleaners, once again demonstrating how modern feminism in developed countries is an elite conceit Why is there a pocket money pay gap? – "Laura, from London, admits that her 10 year-old son, Tom, often earns more pocket money than his twin sister Sophie – but only because he completes more of his weekly tasks… Experts believe there’s an important reason why women earn less than men – and it all comes down to confidence.“Women are not good at asking for money,” says Simone Gnessen. “Men are much more confident – even overconfident – in the workplace, and they’re also more likely to ask for pay rises. Girls and women are conditioned to do this with less confidence – if they do it at all.”We asked the gohenry community about the pocket money pay gap, and parents agreed that the main reason boys get more is simply because they ask (and ask, and ask, and ask…) for it." No surprise – this mirrors the reasons for the pay gap for adults Testosterone and Civilization – Posts – "Nobody complained about toxic masculinity when we were saving the world from Nazis" Judith on Twitter – "The goal of patriarchy theory is to highlight the worst of men’s nature, to generalize them all as bad people, in order to pretend that they shouldn’t hold power, since they use it to oppress people. Knowing this, it’s hard not to see feminism as a hate movement seeking power." Woman Fights the Patriarchy by Letting Entire Music Festival Take Bong Hits Out of Her Butthole – "Snatch Adams, an extreme burlesque performer and hater of the patriarchy, has become a viral sensation after revealing that she recently invited all the attendees of a music festival to take turns smoking marijuana out of her anus." Aren’t Women Wonderful? – Posts – "Women are attracted to feminism, because "fighting the patriarchy on social media" is much easier to do than losing weight and being feminine" The Honey Badger Radio official Facebook group – "If I said, “eating tires is unacceptable” you wouldn’t feel attacked, because you don’t eat tires, and you wouldn’t stop driving on them either.So if I say, “sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable” why do you feel attacked? And why would you stop working with women?" Comments: "Very few people have have their lives ruined because someone accused them, wrongfully, of eating tires" "I’ve yet to hear the chorus of women, as a demographic, accusing men, as a demographic, of eating tires, and claiming they were monsters for doing so. I’ve also yet to hear of any false accusations of men eating tires" "Nobody feels attacked by that statement, not one person. Although I am offended that she is only directing it at men. Does she think women are so incapable that they can’t even sexually harass people at work? Seems a bit sexist to me." "Eating tires won’t destroy your reputation and livelihood, nor will being falsely accused of eating tires." "I don’t feel attacked because the police can’t arrest me for being accused of eating tires" "I feel like it’s a little misogynistic to compare women to inanimate objects, but okay" "Now do “falsely accusing people of rape for malice or gain is unacceptable”…Now do “Acting on accusation without evidence is unacceptable”…" "If getting caught eating tires meant the end of your livelihood, to say nothing of possible jail time, and there was a huge movement that prompted people to start accusing other people of eating tires, then yeah I probably would avoid having more tires around than what I need on my car." "eating tires is an objective statement. we know what a tire is. "sexual harassment" is nebulous. it seems to mean something different to everyone that uses the term. What is sexual harassment to one person is harmless flirting or joking to another. It is entirely possible for a couple to mutually play grabass at work and a third uninvolved person claim "sexual harassment" despite never being subjected to a single thing directed at them. Thats why." "So you wouldn’t have any problem with a sign hanging in the workplace that says "Stop sexually displaying your body to get money and attention". Because if you’re not doing it, why would you mind being told that it’s wrong every day?" "you wouldn’t get upset at me saying that some women lie about sexual assault because you yourself would never do that" Judith on Twitter – "If feminists goal is to smash the patriarchy by empowering women to be the head of businesses, telling them to have careers instead of a family, that being focused financial gains instead of building a meaningful life, you aren’t fighting the patriarchy. You are the patriarchy." 🇬🇧 IM 🇬🇧 on Twitter – "Feminism claims to care for women, and yet the attitudes and lifestyle it advocates for is the #1 reason many a woman ends up burned out by the free market, childlessly miserable, regretting the choices she made in her 20’s. Robbing women of their motherhood is a cruel fate." The Honey Badger Radio official Facebook group – "Remember her? Step 1: This link (should take you to 13:11): Date: Oct 2018. where we hear Jordan Peterson: ".. this doctrine: that throughout history the fundamental relationship between men and women is one of power and essentially slavery. Fine. Believe it if you want. It’s not going to do your relationships any good I can tell you." Helen Lewis: "Well I’m currently married so we’ll see how it goes". Step 2: And now this: Date: Feb 2020 to see her self-absorbed essay about her divorce. She even admits it was her fault. But all she can do is clutch at straws to keep on talking the "women as victims" narrative. And she does this even though she uses a vile quote "you can’t know a man until you divorce him" which if you read further you discover is her testifying about how he was kind to her even during the divorce." Since feminism loves divorce and sees men as evil… Bias against women absent in peer review, analysis finds – "Manuscripts authored by women and men are treated similarly during peer review, finds a new study of more than 760,000 reviews of nearly 350,000 papers from 145 academic journals—including 184,000 papers from 50 physical sciences journals… In fact, manuscripts with a higher proportion of female authors were more likely to be accepted by biomedical, physical, and health sciences journals, the study found. Papers were especially more likely to be accepted by journals in the physical sciences if the first author was a woman… study leader Flaminio Squazzoni, a sociologist at the University of Milan. One shortcoming of the study, he notes, is that it doesn’t evaluate whether women submitted stronger papers in the first place. “We did not have data to help estimate the total number of submissions per each scholar to all journals, which could help to understand if women anticipate potential bias by investing more in their manuscripts”" The myth of patriarchy exposed again Of course, if manuscripts authored by women were less likely to be accepted, it could never be because they were weaker papers No Gender Bias in Peer Review: Study – "While female scientists publish fewer articles than their male counterparts across scientific disciplines, they also submit fewer manuscripts, and following submission, their articles were treated more favorably than men’s were… ‘I continue to believe that probably one of the possible explanations of that fact that women submit fewer manuscripts is probably they are exposed to discriminatory practices and obstacles during their career.’ TS: What are the next steps to figure out the sources of bias and correct them? FS: The next step is to try to have an overview of the complex process, which starts from education, then to the selection of research topics or specialties by academics. It’s the problem of recognition in terms of access to resources, then with journals and funding agencies. So we need to put together all these different pieces. . . . We will need to put together more data on different kinds of processes to try to reconstruct more comprehensively and precisely the source of bias that might still influence the career promotion recognition of women in academia" I like how a pro-female bias is "no gender bias" Even worse than sexism is meta-sexism – the refusal to acknowledge that there can be any sexism againt men If there is no evidence of witches, this just shows that witch magic is very powerful and we need to hunt witches even more fervently Student Kicked Out Of Class For Asking Feminist Professor How Women Are Simultaneously ‘Powerful’ And ‘Helpless Victims Of Patriarchy’ | The Babylon Bee Meme – S Wolf @wolf_vis: "12 years ago, I talked to a stranger at a bar for over 3 hours. He said goodbye and nothing more when I I left. In the parking lot I got angry. I stormed back in and yelled at him for not asking for my phone number. We’re married now." Feminists will keep claiming that everyone must practise affirmative consent and that men who don’t have toxic masculinity and literally guilty of sexual assault Meme – "MEN PREFER DEBT-FREE VIRGINS WITHOUT TATTOOS." Woman says ‘Men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos,’ internet disagreesFor a "science enthusiast" there was no science in this post. The only paper linked was irrelevant – the paper was about relationships and the original meme was about sex Unattractive, promiscuous and heavy drinkers: Perceptions of women with tattoos – "This study examined social and physical perceptions of blonde and brunette women with different degrees of tattooing. Eighty-four female and 76 male undergraduates rated a series of 16 female line drawings that varied in 2 levels of hair colour and 8 levels of tattooing. Ratings were made for physical attractiveness and sexual promiscuity, as well as estimates of the number of alcohol units consumed on a typical night out. Results showed that tattooed women were rated as less physically attractive, more sexually promiscuous and heavier drinkers than untattooed women, with more negative ratings with increasing number of tattoos. There were also weak interactions between body art and hair colour, with blonde women in general rated more negatively than brunettes. Results are discussed in terms of stereotypes about women who have tattoos and the effects of such stereotypes on well-being." Does Promiscuity Affect Marriage Rates? – "Sociologists have proposed numerous theories for declining marriage rates in the United States, generally highlighting demographic, economic, and cultural factors. One controversial theory contends that having multiple non-marital sex partners reduces traditional incentives for men to get married and simultaneously undermines their prospects in the marriage market. For women, multiple partners purportedly reduces their desirability as spouses by evoking a gendered double-standard about promiscuity. Though previous studies have shown that having multiple premarital sex partners is negatively associated with marital quality and stability, to date no research has examined whether having multiple non-marital sex partners affects marriage rates. Data from four waves of the National Survey of Family Growth reveal American women who report more sex partners are less likely to get married (though so too are virgins). Yet this finding is potentially misleading given the retrospective and cross-sectional nature of the data. Seventeen waves of prospective data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth’s 1997 mixed-gender cohort that extend through 2015 show that more non-marital sex partners has a temporary effect on marriage rates: recent sex partners reduce the odds of marriage, but the lifetime number of non-marital sex partners does not. Seemingly unrelated bivariate probit models suggest that the short-term effect is likely causal. Our findings ultimately cast doubt on recent scholarship that has implicated the ready availability of casual sex in the retreat from marriage. Rather, the effect of multiple sex partners on marriage rates is “seasonal” for most Americans." The effect of recent sexual activity on partner desirability: An evolutionary perspective. – "According to the mate selection literature, an individual’s desirability as a potential mate is influenced by his or her sexual history. The goal of the present study is to extend evolutionary explanations, derived from Trivers’ (1972) parental investment theory, regarding the mechanisms which influence mate preferences. We suggest that recent sexual activity should lower an individual’s desirability as a mate. Participants read one of several dating scenarios in which the elapsed time since the ending of a previous relationship of a potential mate was varied, and then reported their willingness to engage in a casual, sexual, or committed relationship with the potential mate. Both men and women reported increases in willingness to enter a new relationship when a potential partner had been single for a longer period of time. This relationship was curvilinear for men, and linear for women, supporting the claim that a partner’s recent sexual activity presents unique threats to the reproductive fitness of each sex." Gender and beauty in the financial analyst profession – "Their findings suggest that female analysts are discriminated against in opposing directions in the two countries. In particular, US voters discriminate in favour of female analysts, whereas those in China discriminate against female analysts… Dr Lin and his co-authors had a group of survey respondents rank analyst’s photos in terms of their physical appearance. The results showed that the beauty premium in All-Star analyst voting does exist in China but not in the US. That is, being good-looking increases the likelihood of an analyst being voted as an All-Star only in China. As such, they conclude that the beauty premium is not a universal phenomenon. Despite the positive connotations of the term “beauty premium,” the possession of a pleasing appearance may not always be beneficial for employees. In fact, attractive female financial analyst candidates are more likely to be rated lower by women evaluators over plain-looking candidates. Some studies in the US suggest that this is because beautiful females are more likely to be perceived as egotistical, snobbish, and unsympathetic. In fact, attractive female analysts may actually find it more difficult to get hired, particularly if their interviewer is a woman. In China, companies explicitly request physical attributes (age, height, and beauty) in job postings, particularly when they’re hiring female employees. Unlike in the US, there is little data to suggest that good-looking females experience any negative bias when applying for jobs, although, as we’ve seen, women, in general, are discriminated against openly in the Chinese job market… while US female analysts were more likely than men to be selected, good-looking female analysts not only receive no premium for their attractiveness but are also penalised in the All-Star analyst voting in the US." The power of "patriarchy"! Postcard : Origin and development of a suffragette. [Circa 1910-1915] · Ann Lewis Women’s Suffrage Collection – "At 15 a little Pet. At 20 a little Coquette. At 40 not married yet! At 50 a Suffragette." Stop treating women like children – "The main purpose of the amendments is to criminalise street harassment. Harman has singled out men shouting at women from cars as a particular problem… The definition of ‘harassment’ seems to be constantly expanding. Not every interaction between a man in a car and a woman on the street is the same. Some feminists are embarrassed by the fact that many women laugh off or enjoy a to and fro with a stranger. Context is key. It can make a real difference if the guy leaning out of the van looks like Brad Pitt rather than Harvey Weinstein. What he says is also important. And being honked at when you’re in a gaggle of girls out on the town is a very different experience to being shouted at alone on the street… You don’t have to be an apologist for leery men to be concerned by the drive towards criminalising more and more informal social interactions. In other areas of life, the crackdown on ‘anti-social behaviour’ has led to mutual distrust and the breakdown of communities… There is a real cowardice at the heart of contemporary feminism. All of the fight of previous decades seems to have dissolved into a whinging demand for the authorities to sort out our problems for us" As the "catcalling" video showed, talking to a woman you don’t know is "harassment", and if if passed this would disproportionately hurt "minorities". Good luck with that Fathers who don’t pay child support to be tagged and banned from the pub – "Parents who refuse to pay child support could soon be fitted with an electronic tag and put under curfew in a fresh crackdown on tens of thousands of neglectful fathers. The Government plans to impose strict restrictions on parents who fail to pay child maintenance, including stopping them from socialising, going to the pub or on holiday. Parents who break the curfew could face a prison sentence… The CMS can already ask courts to confiscate passports and driving licences, deduct outstanding maintenance from earnings and send offending parents to prison." The power of "patriarchy" Fewer Than Four Percent Of FIFA 22 Players Have Played A Women’s MatchClear proof there’s a huge demand for women’s sports and the gender pay gap in sports is due to sexism Of course the "solution" proposed by the article is to add even more women playersAgagooga